Let me warn you right now. I’m probably about to get on your nerves.

Because this is probably the millionth time you have read about your voting power. But with so much oppression placed upon Black people, showing us smiling and laughing in Black Magic Project’s weekly series about Black joy is a form of resistance at this point.

Wanna know another form of resistance? Your vote.

During the premiere of the Black Magic show (add sparkles here), I interviewed with Arnee Odoms, Alabama state coordinator for Black Voters Matter. The organization started in 2016 to rally the Black vote and fight voter suppression both on the ground and in the courtroom. Black Voters Matter was one of the plaintiffs listed in a lawsuit in which a federal judge lifted Alabama’s ban on curbside voting.

Whether you are voting absentee or heading to a polling place , Odoms gave us the rundown on how to make sure your vote is counted this election season and the shape-shifting powers of voter suppression.

You can also check out this article, where you can find even more tips to level up your anti-voting suppression tactics.

Black women: unbothered

Kiersten Harris (left) and Jillian Anderson (right) are co-founders of the South’s first female-friendly rideshare app, HERide. (Photos contributed by Kiersten Harris.)

There are multiple studies and even a $4.4 million lawsuit detailing ride sharing apps’ history with racial, gender and LGBTQ discrimination.

Kiersten Harris and Jillian Harris said, “Heck naw” to that life and made their own lane — somewhat literally. At 22 years old, Harris is CEO and co-founder of the South’s first female-friendly rideshare app HERide. At 25, Anderson operates as HERide’s top engineer.

While being a safe transportation option for women and members of the LGBTQ+ community, the app also has features, like a danger button, to combat sexual assault and sex trafficking. The team’s motto is “Choose to be unbothered.”

This is proof that you don’t mess with a Black woman or her friends.

And that’s it, y’all! 

Zion Carter, son of my sister Jalissa Carter, was born into the world on Oct. 10, 2020.

Yeah, I know. A little short, but my little sis had a baby! Thus, I had to spend this week to get my auntie game together. I’m trying for a Clair Huxtable or an Auntie Maxine vibe.

So, let’s welcome Zion Carter into the world! You can send new mommy tips to [email protected] because why not? My sister welcomes any sage advice.

Black motherhood is magical and so are you. So until next time, keep spreading your love and light into the world.