‘Trans in the South’ directory helps navigate the unsafe legacy trans Southerners face

With 2021 reported as the deadliest year on record for transgender and gender non-conforming people, seeking safe, affirming health care and legal aid can be a real risk.  The Campaign for Southern Equality has a solution for that. The organization designed a guide to help Southerners find more trans-friendly resources. [...]

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How do we fix child care in the South? These 5 advocates have thoughts

Before the pandemic, the South was already a place where child-care workers are paid less, even when wages are adjusted for cost of living, than the national average. Many places in the South, particularly rural areas, don’t have enough child-care slots for the number of eligible children.  This year, Reckon obtained data on child-care program closures in Tennessee, Alabama, [...]

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More than step shows: Meet Jared Ball, the Morgan State professor debunking HBCU myths

If you attended a historically Black college or university, you've heard it all before. HBCU students spend their refund checks on Jordan's, crab legs and haircuts. Non-Black students only go to HBCUs for the free tuition.  HBCU presidents routinely run budget deficits by making bad financial decisions. HBCU alumni refuse [...]

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A child care crisis worsened in the pandemic. Meet the Southerners working to fix it.

During the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nancy Sylvester watched with growing concern as child care centers around her own center in Jackson, Miss. closed their doors – for good. “There was one center that was just down the street, the largest center in this area, which had been [...]

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Student loans were supposed to be forgiven for public service workers. They weren’t. Now the feds are fixing the problem.

Back in 2007, the federal government offered a deal: If certain student loan borrowers chose to work in the public sector ​ – working for nonprofits, government agencies, or education – and stuck to it for 10 years their federal loans would be forgiven.  It’s been over a decade since [...]

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Why this Alabama mom and daughter are fighting their school’s ‘creepy and unsettling’ dress code rules 

When Nyoka Holmes, a 15-year-old high school sophomore, came home upset about a dress code enforcement day at Alabama’s Huntsville High School, her mother, Kim, knew she had to say something about the policy that she says unfairly targets girls and low-income students.   Although Nyoka wasn’t one of the [...]

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The pandemic highlighted flaws in the child-care system. This Alabama advocate offers solutions.

The pandemic highlighted flaws in the child-care system. This Alabama advocate offers solutions.  More than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, at least 1.4 million U.S. mothers of school-age children remain jobless after dropping out of the workforce during the pandemic’s early days, according to U.S. Census Bureau data.   Working parents have cited a lack of [...]

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‘Pause, learn, and respect each other’: One Afghan man, formerly a U.S. military interpreter, reflects on 9/11 and living as a Muslim in Georgia 

Before coming to the U.S. 12 years ago, Rohid Paiman was an interpreter for the U.S military for nearly a decade. He left behind his family believing that Afghanistan was in good hands having transitioned to a fledgling democracy after decades of war stretching back to 1979 when the Soviet [...]

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