‘Spiking the drink'”: How extremist views of Jan. 6 rioters fuel Southern politics and policy

Since the deadly events of Jan. 6, government investigators have continued to identify and prosecute the hundreds of right-wing extremists who participated in what has been described as one of the darkest days in U.S. history. But the damage inflicted on democracy that day didn’t end when the Capitol was [...]

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Combating racism, bias, disparities: Alabama’s new medical association leader wants a voice for the ‘least visible’

When Dr. Aruna Arora became president of the Medical Association of the State of Alabama earlier this year, she didn’t mince words as she gave her acceptance speech before a large crowd of Alabama doctors. She chose phrases that she rarely hears from medical leadership:  “Health disparities.” “Systemic racism.” “Implicit [...]

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Glowing up with Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion | Black Joy – December 31, 2021

Get a weekly dose of Black Joy in your inbox every Friday. Subscribe to the Black Joy newsletter here. https://www.reckonsouth.com/newsletters/black-joy/ Y’all, we made it. We walked in 2021 together (nah, for real! Here’s the Black Joy article from Jan 1.) Now here we are exiting together. It’s crazy to me [...]

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