2012, 2021

The growing South’s growing rent problem

By |December 20, 2021|

The South is growing in more ways than one. It's no mystery that inflation is causing increases in everything from milk to your rent. Three Southern cities were among cities with the highest increases in rents compared to last year.   Nationwide, the cost of a one-bedroom apartment is 19% more expensive than it was in November 2020, according [...]

112, 2021

Get your IRS ‘plus-up’ money – but don’t get scammed 

By |December 1, 2021|

Santa might not be the only person getting his bag this December – you could, too.  If you made less money in 2020 because of the pandemic or didn’t get stimulus payments owed you, you could still get your cash by filing your 2020 taxes before December 31, 2021.   These payments are referred to as “plus-up” payments.   [...]

1009, 2021

Fighting for legacy and Durham’s Black Wall Street

By |September 10, 2021|

The entrepreneurial efforts of Black business men fueled Durham North Carolina’s Black Wall Street -- creating lasting institutions for excellence despite the threat to decimate Black communities with plans of urban renewal, highway construction and segregation.  The Black business community worked to ensure that opportunity in Durham remained available for [...]

1608, 2021

Alabama’s Amazon union fight and the South’s long, often racist, history with labor organizing

By |August 16, 2021|

Workers at Amazon’s Bessemer warehouse could get the greenlight to hold a second union vote in the coming weeks, setting up another showdown between one of the world’s most valuable companies and its embattled employees. In early August, the Atlanta regional office for the National Labor Relations Board said Amazon [...]

1307, 2021

‘Student debt is morally illegitimate’: How one group wants to abolish $511 billion in college loans for Southerners 

By |July 13, 2021|

If President Biden does not extend the moratorium on student loan payments or cancel debt outright by Sept. 30, federal loan borrowers will have to resume paying back their student debt.  Earlier this week, the Biden Administration removed more than $55 million in debt from 1,800 student loan borrowers. Although [...]

2106, 2021

‘What most kids need’: How one school community got SMART when its rural hospital closed

By |June 21, 2021|

The only hospital in rural Pickens County, Ala., closed its doors for good just two weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.  It was March 2020. The west Alabama county sits along the Mississippi state line, its landscape dotted with small towns. When the hospital closed in the county seat of Carrollton (pop. 1,000), Pickens County [...]

306, 2021

Why the $300 child tax credit could be a step toward universal basic income — and happier families

By |June 3, 2021|

Next month, millions of American families will begin receiving monthly direct cash payments, and unprecedented foray into the idea of a universal basic income.  A new expanded child tax credit, part of the American Rescue Plan that Congress passed in March, will give low- and middle-income families monthly payouts of $300 per child under age 6 [...]

305, 2021

More diverse, higher poverty: What babies tell us about the future South

By |May 3, 2021|

In states across the Deep South, children of color make up about half of the child population.   And those children are now two to three times more likely to live in poverty than their white counterparts, according to a new report issued this month, forecasting a potential for growing economic inequality across the region.  “Looking at how babies are [...]

2004, 2021

Rachel Pearson of Engage: Reading, watching, listening on women’s economic security, policy

By |April 20, 2021|

Rachel Pearson founded women’s economic policy organization Engage, www.engagewomen.org, after working for years in Washington, D.C., and growing frustrated at the lack of bipartisanship in Congress. “Women outlive, outnumber and out vote men,” Pearson said. “The political power should be ours, and we should have a much larger impact on [...]

1204, 2021

In a rural Alabama town, young Southerners have created their own ‘magical community’

By |April 12, 2021|

Sarah Cole, 32, is relaxing on the front porch swing with her partner, Robert Fitzpatrick, when her phone buzzes.  It’s a text from their friend, Tim Higgins, inviting them over. Tim and his partner, Aaron Head, live just across the street. The spring breeze ruffles at least half a dozen different windchimes strung along the porch [...]

203, 2021

Will my stimmy be taxed? Nope, but your unemployment might

By |March 2, 2021|

It’s March, which means tax season is in full swing. Filing your 2020 taxes could get complicated (what else is new about 2020?)  Virtually no one was untouched by major financial changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay-at-home orders forced businesses to close, leading to layoffs and the largest number [...]

3112, 2020

Reckon’s top 10 stories of 2020

By |December 31, 2020|

You might have noticed that Reckon started to look a little different this year. The biggest reason is because we're listening more closely to our readers, Southerners who are shaping the world around them in all the big and little ways we know are possible. Throughout the year, we've dug [...]

1612, 2020

New cannabis trade group hopes to ‘revolutionize’ Mississippi economy

By |December 16, 2020|

Mississippi now has a trade association to provide information and support to those hoping to participate in the state’s soon-to-be medical marijuana program.  The newly formed Mississippi Cannabis Trade Association aims to help people interested in growing, cultivating and distributing medical cannabis, said founding member Melvin C. Robinson III.   “Mississippians are known for agriculture. [...]

3011, 2020

5 ways to shop smarter this holiday season

By |November 30, 2020|

The holidays are here, which means you’re already getting holiday catalogs in the mail and seeing holiday sale commercials on TV. It’s tempting to pull out that department store credit card to make the magic happen at the holidays, but is the debt worth it?   Reckon video producer Kavolshaia Howze talked to Callie Jowers, a certified [...]

1811, 2020

South leads U.S. in young people living with parents

By |November 18, 2020|

Young people are bearing the weight of the financial crisis caused by COVID-19 and will continue to suffer from the financial fallout for years to come, recent reports suggest.  People between the age of 15 and 25 are 2.5 times more likely to have become unemployed due to the pandemic [...]

1211, 2020

How to build wealth from basically nothing

By |November 12, 2020|

If you’ve been following the Money Talks series, you know it addressed some of the ways wealth is unequally distribution in America.  Now, we want to share some advice from financial experts about how to build your wealth.  Buy life insurance outside of your job  Millions of Americans lost their [...]

911, 2020

Mississippi’s medical marijuana law: What you need to know

By |November 9, 2020|

Mississippi voters chose to create a medical marijuana program. Now that the initiative has received the voters’ seal of approval, what happens next?   The now-approved Initiative 65 outlines the conditions for which marijuana can be prescribed as a treatment, sets possession limits, tax rates and establishes the Mississippi Department of Public Health [...]

911, 2020

How this Alabama couple bought a house for $8,000 cash

By |November 9, 2020|

During the first walkthrough of their new home, Eddie and Katie Burkhalter looked around at piles of garbage, drug paraphernalia and graffiti-scrawled walls noting the previous tenants’ drug of choice.   Calling the house, which the Burkhalters bought with $8,000 cash, a fixer-upper would be an understatement. But with some work and a lot of saving, they turned [...]

511, 2020

The South leads nation in new business applications

By |November 5, 2020|

Even as the coronavirus pandemic continues to cause economic uncertainty throughout the country, people are starting new businesses in record numbers, with most new applications coming from the South. More than 1 million new business applications were filed in the Southeast between the beginning of April and the end of [...]

211, 2020

The Gender Wealth Gap

By |November 2, 2020|

The women’s wealth gap is not the same as the women’s wage gap, but it may be a better measure of the financial health of women in America.  You’ve likely heard of the women’s wage gap. Women are paid 82 cents for every $1 a white man is paid.  Women [...]

1910, 2020

America’s racial wealth gap explained

By |October 19, 2020|

On this week’s episode of Money Talks, Reckon discusses the racial wealth gap in America.  The racial wealth distribution does not correlate with the racial demographics of America. White Americans have a disproportionately large percentage of the wealth in America compared to people of color. Data from the Federal Reserve [...]

1210, 2020

Islamic mortgages: A less risky way to buy a home

By |October 12, 2020|

Buying property can be a formidable process. Aside from the so-called fundamentals of looking for a home — dealing with a bank, arranging inspections and signing piles of paperwork — you also have to think about the long-term financial risks involved. Will your house lose value? Will you end up [...]

210, 2020

The South still lags U.S. on paying women fairly

By |October 2, 2020|

Alabama still has one of the widest gender wage gaps in the nation, and most of the South follows suit, a Reckon analysis shows. Nationally, women make 82 cents for every dollar paid to men, with an annual gap of $9,774. Southern women earn less, around 78 cents on average.  Women in [...]

2909, 2020

Want to retire early and still have fun? With aggressive investing and frugal living, it’s possible

By |September 29, 2020|

As the global pandemic continues to heap financial concerns upon millions of Americans, including mass unemployment and fears over an economic recovery, retirement may not be your biggest concern right now. But the stock market, which holds most of our retirement hopes in its mind-boggling numbers and graphs, continues to [...]

1809, 2020

What is wealth?

By |September 18, 2020|

If you watched this week’s episode of Money Talks, you know we explored what wealth actually is. (Spoiler alert: wealth and money are not the same thing).  If you have a lot of money or a lot of cool expensive stuff, you might be wealthy. But you may just be [...]

905, 2020

As Alabama reopens, will people wear masks?

By |May 9, 2020|

Crowds gathered Tuesday afternoon in parking lots surrounding Huntsville Hospital. Parents and kids, grandparents and teens sat on tailgates and waited for a promised military flyover honoring hospital workers. Few were wearing masks, but none were crowded together, keeping mostly to their cars.

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