Reckon Women launches ‘Be Better’ virtual event series

Reckon Women is launching a monthly Zoom panel series we’re calling “Be Better.” Each month we will hear from extraordinary women across various backgrounds to discuss how we can be better in different areas of life.

Our inaugural “Be Better” panel on Thursday, Oct. 1 at 7 p.m. will be devoted to being better at personal finance. In this virtual event, Reckon Women reporter Abbey Crain will interview Emily Lassiter and Lauren Pearson of The Wealth Edit, an online community dedicated to expanding personal finance knowledge.

They’ll explore how COVID-19 has impacted women’s jobs and what you can do to start your journey to take control over your personal finances and grow your wealth.

The two Birmingham-based founders began The Wealth Edit after building successful careers in accounting and investing, and they now work to empower women to be more comfortable talking about money. You’ll hear more from them in the coming weeks as we talk to women who pivoted careers during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Click here to register now: Be Better with The Wealth Edit

Throughout the last year of Reckon Women’s existence, we’ve heard folks talk about their closely held beliefs on politics, their stories of solidarity during difficult times and even their weekend musings. Group members have bonded with one another and learned to consider new perspectives as they explore tough topics facing women in Alabama and the South.

One of the most repeated ideas speckled throughout comments, private messages and emails among Reckon Women members is that each person has a desire to learn more about what they don’t know in order to understand each other — to be better.  

By just participating in the Reckon Women Facebook group, they are committed to learning and listening to others who may not hold the same beliefs as them. They are constantly challenging each other and expanding one anothers’ (and let’s be real, also the moderators’) awareness on various issues to just be better humans. 

And that’s just where Reckon wants to expand.

Here’s the thing, all of our work with Reckon Women has been free. We are passionate at providing accessible, relevant content for women across the South. But we want to continue to grow — to be better. So we’re asking for registrants for $5 to attend each panel we offer throughout this series. 

Register here: Be Better with The Wealth Edit

For more information, email Abbey Crain.

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