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Reckon Women is an inclusive space for Alabama women, created by Alabama women. We tell stories and elevate critical issues that affect us, the women in this state.

Anna Claire Vollers reported on the policies that make motherhood so challenging here in Alabama. Thanks to her reporting, the state fully funded a maternal mortality review committee to study why so many Alabama mothers die from child-birth related complications.

In our Facebook group, we’ve had more than 650 civil conversations about things that so many people don’t think we can discuss in this day and age: abortion, religion and politics.

Videographer Kavolshaia Howze helped us learn from one another about deeply personal issues such as coping with infertility and talking with our families about political differences.

And, in Abbey Crain’s newsletter, she talks with you, reporting on the issues that you’ve told her matter to you: domestic violence, representation, healthcare, legislation and more.

Christy Johnson, 35, of Trussville, holds her youngest daughter, Lindy, 1. After Lindy was born, Johnson nearly died from postpartum eclampsia less than a week later. (Photo by Bob Miller)

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