Reckoners respond: Who are you honoring with your vote?

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Reckon asked its audience who they’d be honoring with their vote on election eve. The question, sadly, was not asked with the same extravagance as when popstar Lady Gaga asked it on Twitter, but Reckon readers didn’t hold back despite that fact.

Here are a few of their responses from their respective social media platforms:

Who are you honoring with your vote?

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“My children and grandchildren.”

“Breonna Taylor.”

“My future kids. I want a better world for them.”

“My great grandmother, one of the original suffragettes.”

“My son, who has autism and relies on the Affordable Care Act for health coverage.”

“Ruth Bader Ginsberg and John Lewis.”

“My child’s future, myself and the planet.”

“I am honoring my own heart. This election has caused so much family strife.”

“My children and my values.”

“My daughters and women.”

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“My grandfather, who was a WWII veteran and passed away in 2014. I’d give anything if he were here to escort my 98-year-old grandmother and his bride of 70+ years to the polls on Tuesday to vote for [Donald Trump.]”

“I honored my 4-year-old daughter when I voted early. It’s not just my future at stake, it’s hers too.”

“All Alabamians who are moving this state into the 21st century.”

“My parents, who passed away in 2011 & 2018, but likely wouldn’t have survived 2020 due to underlying conditions. For my dad, especially. A Vietnam vet. A man who’d give the shirt off his back for anyone in need, even if that meant losing his only shirt.”

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“Family and friends who serve now or in the past in the military.”

“Unborn babies, my grandkids and everyone’s freedom.”

“The constitution, democracy for all.”

“Marginalized citizens whose votes historically and currently are suppressed.”

“My late daughter, who was born with pre-existing conditions. We could not obtain a supplemental policy at any price. I have already voted blue.”

“I honor those who fought for voting rights, and those still fighting today. Thinking of them reminds me how much my vote counts.”

Now, we ask you: Who are you honoring with your vote? Let us know: [email protected]

Lily Jackson is a reporter covering the gig economy and pandemic life for Reckon. She can be reached on Twitter at @lilygjack, on Instagram at @lilyforeally and by email at [email protected] 

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